It's over all wight! I am sick and tired of being nothing but cute! (Blows raspberry) Cute all the time! Cute!
~ The Lucky Duck, ranting about how he is tired of being cute
I, don't, care! I don't wanna be cute anymore! I want power! I want respect! Starting wight here! Wight now! Got it?! From now on, this duck is no longer cute! Got that?! I, am, not, CUTE!
~ The Lucky Duck
Good enough, but not as cute is good enough! Thanks, Lionel!
~ The Lucky Duck to Lionel after going into the Yucky, Yucky, Yucky, Duck book

The Lucky Duck, also called the "Big Bad Duck" and the "Yucky Duck", is a character in Between the Lions. He only appeared in the episode of the same name, in which he is the main antagonist. In the episode, he demands not to be cute anymore as he is fed up with it. After his attempts not to be cute fail, Lionel writes the duck his own book called The Yucky, Yucky, Yucky Duck.


In the book, the duck is portrayed as a cute, innocent, nice duckling. However, in reality, he reveals himself to be an irritable duck who is tired of being cute all the time and desire the lust for power, control, and respect. Unfortunately for the duck, all of his attempts to not be cute anymore failed as everyone still sees him as cute.

Now more than determined to help his new friend out, Lionel thought of more ways to teach the duck how not to be cute and refused to give up. When the other lions tell the duck the reason why he is cute is because the author who wrote his book made him cute, Lionel overhears and comes to a solution to solve all the duck's problems: The letter Y and creates him his very own book called The Yucky, Yucky, Yucky Duck. Afterwards, Click clones the duck to have the lucky one go into the original book and the yucky one go into the new one.

The lions then proceed to read the book aloud and the duck is overjoyed to now be a "yucky, yucky, yucky duck" and decides that "good enough, but not as cute" is good enough and he thanks Lionel for his help.


The Lucky Duck has a curl on the top of his head, blue eyes, light yellow feathers, and a light orange bill and feet. He wears a light blue vest with a red bow tie.

As the Big Bad Duck, he wore black shades and a leather jacket over his vest.