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Lucius Wagner is the villainous protagonist of the 2012 stealth videogame Lucius, being the 6 year old son of Lucifer himself.



Lucius was born in room 666 at the St. Benedict Hospital on the 6th of June, 1966. In the sixth year of his life growing up in a populated mansion under a wealthy family, Lucius decides to slaughter his entire family and their acquaintances in a year long murder spree after his father, Lucifer/Satan, tells him to do so.

Throughout the game, Lucius secretly murders the staff (including the maid, butler, mechanic, and personal teacher) and his family so he can earn his false father's large wealth, giving him enough political power to take over the world for his true father. Lucius was successful, and all of the killings were blamed on his false father after he was murdered.

Lucius II: The Prophecy

In spite of his success, he has some setback in his ambitions: where he ended up sent to St. Benedict Memorial Hospital by unsuspecting caretakers out of their belief that he was "traumatized" by mysterious death around him during the events of the first game. Also, during his stay in the said hospital, he yet gained any contact from Lucifer and his powers mysteriously gone since the last time he used it. He suddenly gets the urge to attack a nun which makes the staff put him into shock therapy. When a doctor tries to zap him however, he regains his strength and powers which allows him to kill the doctor instantly. Meanwhile, Detective McGuffin is visited by Lucifer who tells him that Lucius is his spawn required for the end of days and that he needs to protect him. While killing anyone that gets in his way as he make his escape, he discovered that he has a brother named Isaac Gillmore, whom turned out began the same quest with him but would get in his way as only one of them meant to succeed. After rendezvous with McGuffin, they immediately goes to kill Charles Wagner whom revealed survived his killing spree before they goes for a fight that would determined who is the true Antichrist.


As already shown in the game, Lucius tends to be an intelligent kid. Lucius started learning biology in the age of 6, he is portrayed to have an above-average intelligence in science, but seems to be only average in mathematics. Much to his father's nature, he's sensitive to crosses. Lucius never quite shows feelings of rage, fear or even panic. He's also very methodical, which makes it easier to kill someone and not being caught.



  • As the game is heavily based off The Omen, Lucius is extremely similar to Damien Thorn.

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