Now? You have no idea what "now" is. Now I was flying. Now I breathed fire and I ate them as they fled. Now I whipped my tail and the winds trembled! Now I am hidden in this pale shade of flesh and bone! Now I am witness to man's eternal salvation! Now I am witness to his demise! DO NOT SPEAK TO ME OF TIME, DEMON! Its simplest ebbs and turns elude your meager understanding! Find another way NOW!!!
~ Lucifer ranting at Pearly.

Lucifer (also known as "The Judge" or "Lu") is the Bigger Bad/secondary antagonist in the 2014 fantasy/romance film Winter's Tale. He is the boss of Pearly Soames, the film's main antagonist.

He was portrayed by Academy Award nominated actor, Will Smith on his first villainous role and later played Floyd Lawton/Deadshot in Suicide Squad.


Pearly attempts to kidnap Beverly Penn, but Beverly is rescued by Peter Lake and his spirit guide, who fly her to her lake home, which is located in a part of New York that Pearly isn't allowed to enter. Pearly then goes to speak with Lucifer, who calmly reads a book while Pearly makes his case and asks for permission to enter the forbidden area. Once Pearly is finished, Lucifer stands up and refuses his underling's request on the grounds that Pearly is too personally involved in the situation, pointing out that Peter was like a son to Pearly. When Pearly insists that he needs permission to stop Peter, Lucifer angrily rants about "now" and orders Pearly to find another way to stop Peter from giving Beverly his miracle before turning off the light.

100 years later, when Peter reappears and Pearly asks to be made mortal, so he can deal with Peter once and for all, Lucifer cautions him but assents, making Pearly human. He's never seen again after that, so his ultimate fate is left uncertain.



Now that is a very interesting proposition, Pearly, considering what happened last time.
~ Lucifer to Pearly after the latter makes his request.
You trained him. Picked him up off the street. The son you never had. Embarrassing, no?
~ To Pearly.