Lucifer (also called "The Light Bringer") is an antagonist appearing in the 2007 ABC Family miniseries Fallen, which is loosely based on the book series The Fallen by Thomas E. Sniegoski.

He was portrayed by Bryan Cranston, who also played Hal Wilkerson in Malcolm in the Middle, Walter White in Breaking Bad, and Vilos Cohaagen in the 2012 remake of Total Recall.

Aaron Corbet, the main character, goes in search of the Light Bringer, the one who wrote the prophecy about the Redeemer, hoping to make sense of his destiny. He finds him in the remains of a temple in the mountains, and the Light Bringer reveals that his actual name is Lucifer and that he is Aaron's biological father. When a shocked Aaron starts to leave the temple, Lucifer blocks him and insists he's not the monster that everyone else has made him out to be.

Aaron calms down, and the two of them go back into the temple, where they sit down and talk. Lucifer persuades his son that he has changed and tells him he wants to be redeemed. Aaron agrees to use his powers to redeem Lucifer, but upon touching his father, he experiences a disturbing vision and changes his mind, causing an enraged Lucifer to drop his kindly and affable facade and bring Aaron down to Hell.

Aaron eventually figures out that the only one truly trapped in Hell is Lucifer, and he engages his father in a sword fight. He eventually triumphs over Lucifer and sends him falling off a cliff.


  • Lucifer's portrayal in the ABC Family miniseries diverges greatly from that in the book series. In the books, Lucifer is truly penitent of his past actions against God and Heaven (though it's discovered that his son Aaron is unable to redeem him), works to help Aaron and his friends, and even makes a heroic sacrifice in the final book. Lucifer in the books is also portrayed as a separate entity apart from Satan, who emerges as the main antagonist of the final few books and, ironically enough, possesses Lucifer's body.