I love the Power Glove, it's so BAD...!
~ Lucas showing off his skills at gaming

Lucas Barton is the main antagonist of 1989's The Wizard and is a Nintendo master, but there is a gaming contest between him and a kid named Jimmy for the title of the Wizard. At first Lucas seems more like an arrogant kid but then he gets more sinister he sells out Jimmy to Putnam after the man says he'll take them away.

The trio first meet Lucas when they go to his trailer, and he is obnoxiously arrogant and showing off with his friends. Lucas has a cheating method for winning competitions which is his "Power Glove" which allows him to manipulate the game and ensure his success. Lucas has been known to beat anybody at competitions and Jimmy has fears for his success.

However, Haley and Jimmy's brother encourage Jimmy when he is bullied by the obnoxious Lucas and Lucas shows off the Power Glove. Lucas mocks Jimmy by saying that he can't be the Wizard because he's not cool enough. Lucas then threatens Haley when she leaves.

Lucas is at the Videogame Armageddon competition where he shows off to Jimmy by saying he bought his friends so he can show "real talent." before the Finals began, He tips off Putnam on Jimmy's location to ensure that He would win. He sneers at Jimmy and enters the tournament, proving he is popular with the teens in the audience. However, He gets too arrogant which proves his downfall when Jimmy beats the competition by finding the last star. Jimmy ends up winning, impressing his family and friends, and a disgraced Lucas retreats to contemplate his downfall.