Lucas was a partner in crime of Carl Fowler and a villain in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Prophecy of Doom". He does most of the grunt work for Carl.


Lucas was a special effects designer but was suspected of fraud and didn't get convicted. He partnered with Carl Fowler and set up the mystic named "Nostromos". The crucial job for Lucas was to make sure all of Nostromos' predictions come. He even went far as to bomb a cruise ship and tried to kill Bruce Wayne.

He tried to escape after he vandalized the elevator (but failed to kill Wayne). Lucas confronted Batman on top of the Wayne Enterprise building. Lucas escaped but was injured by a batarang. He made it to Nostromos' lair and Nostromos wasn't happy. Fortunately, the prediction did say something bad was going to happen to Bruce Wayne.

Lucas found Lisa Clark snopping around the mansion and captured her. Nostromos later used Lisa for the final stages of his plan. Lucas encountered Batman from behind the scenes and was injured unconscious. He was later taken into custody along with Fowler.


  • He was voiced by Aron Kincaid who also voiced Killer Croc in Batman: The Animated Series.