Luann Stweart 2
Here is Luann impersonating as Hannah Montana

Luann Stewart (portrayed by Miley Cyrus) is Miley's evil cousin who looks identical to Miley, Her daddy is Robby Ray's brother, who looks identical to Robby Ray. In her first and last episode, she visits Miley and Miley doesn't really like her. Luann acts apologetic for what she has done and they reconcile. However before a Halloween party Luann subdues Miley, hogties her with ropes (she went to rodeo camp), gags her with a feather bola and disguises herself as Hannah Montana (Performer) to ruin her career. Miley (who managed to escape her ties and gag), as Hannah, is going as well. Luann's plan was to give a speech and tell everyone that she's Miley so that Miley's secret is revealed. When Luann's about to take off the wig, Oliver turns off the lights and drag Luann offstage. They can't tell Miley and Luann apart, so Oliver says that both of them have to kiss him. Luann's excited but Miley's disgusted so they can tell them apart. As a result, Luann leaves.

Miley's pig pet has the same name as her cousin (Luann).

Luann's only appearance was in the season 1 episode, Torn Between Two Hannahs.