Lu bu

Lu Bu is the adopted son of Dong Zhuo in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


He was said to be a fierce warrior who always fights for himself. Lu Bu also had a horse called Red Hare, which was taken by Guan Yu. He is killed by Cao Cao in the hanging execution.

Lu Bu was a mighty warrior, but no warlord trusted him enough to enlist him after several acts of betrayal.

He first seved the warlord Ding Yuan, who was a rival warlord of Dong Zhuo. When Dong Zhuo offered Lu Bu Red Hare, Lu Bu murdered Ding Yuan and went to serve Dong Zhuo. Ironically, Dong Zhuo was later murdered by Lu Bu, after Dong Zhuo tried to marry Lu Bu's wife,Diao Chan. Lu Bu then started his own force.

Lu Bu later formed a close alliance with Yuan Shu, only later to betray him when Cao Cao formed a coalition to oppose Yuan Shu. Lu Bu later wnet to serve Liu Bei, whom he called his "little brother". But he would later betray Liu Bei as well when he stole Liu Bei's castle in his absence. Liu Bei asked Cao Cao for help, and the two forces retook the castle and executed Lu Bu.