Lu-sho is the main antagonist in Foldabots franchise & the leader of the Lutabots. He uses his powers to destroy all Foldabots on his way to victory. But still the Foldabots,led by Buhawi,stops what Lu-sho plans to do. For example,Lu-sho plans to erase the foldabots in history by killing them in the past, still the protagonist made the saurobots to stop Lu-sho. Anyway,his desire for power and destroying Neo-Republika resides deep within both of his brain and heart (if he EVER had on of these,hehehe). In issue no. 78, before he almost died, he possessed Nuno and he became Nu-Sho.


Lu-sho is the future form of Dominador Cabo. He first invaded the Luman clan centuries ago. He was evil and desires for power and greed for gold.



  • Lu-sho used to be Dominador Cabo in the Dark Ages Game.
  • Lu-sho is very similar to Megatron.
  • Lusho is also similar to Hexxus, both are evil from the past & both are environment polluters.