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Lt. Johnny Martel is the secondary antagonist of the two-part Seinfeld episode, The Trip. He is a hardened, gravel-voiced detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. In part one, he was thought to be the main antagonist however in part 2, the episode's real main villain was revealed.

Part 1

Lt. Johnny Martel is a hardened, gravel-voiced detective in the Los Angeles Police Department and is leading the investigation to stop the serial killer known as The Smog Strangler. After suspecting that Cosmo Kramer might be the strangler, Lt. Martel orders his men to help capture Kramer.

Part 2

Later Martel and his men corner Kramer at his apartment and arrest him. Kramer is taken to the police station and is interrogated by Martel. Kramer has a nervous breakdown in the interrogation room and breaks into tears and sobs hysterical sobbing. While he is being questioned, the lieutenant receives a phone call stating that the Smog Strangler has killed another victim while Kramer was in custody, and so he can leave.

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