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Villamax regarded Loyax an honorable legend while Deviot didn't think much of him. Loyax had lived his whole life as a cunning and mighty warrior, but now his strength began to fade. Trakeena offered him the Power Rangers as his last worthy opponents. At first, he didn't want Maya, a woman, to fight him, but she continued to and they fell off a cliff, and she scraped her knee. He felt ashamed since he failed at destroying them and that she was a girl. Loyax worked together with Maya to escape a cave, and he insisted his last battle to be a honourable one and fought the villains, especially Deviot who mocked him. Loyax revealed he was once good, but was corrupted by evil. He refused her offer to be good again, and Deviot then controlled Loyax with a device. Deviot exploded Loyax after the Galaxy Megazord destroyed the device. Loyax was destroyed, and Maya put his sword in the sand in remembrance