We want your vessel.
~ Low Holly to Lister

Low Holly is one of the main antagonists from the Red Dwarf episode Demons and Angels. She was created by a Triplicator as a worse version of Holly.

She is portrayed by Hattie Hayridge.


Low Holly is much different to her original version. She is still a human head without body, but has very pale skin and black hair. Her lips are also black, so she looks like a goth. She appears to be as sadistic and cruel as the rest of the Lows. Since almost nothing works on their ship, Holly's screen is covered in static.



When the Triplicator creates two versions of Red Dwarf ship and its crew, Low Holly appears on the Low one with her friends Low Lister, Low Rimmer, Low Cat and Low Kryten. As nothing works on their ship, they decide to get the High one and send a fake call for help to decoy High versions of them.

Meanwhile, the original crew lands on the High ship to get the Triplicator, only to find out there is only half of it, so nevertheless to the help call, they have to go to the Low ship.

After the original crew and High versions of them land on the Low ship, they are immediately attacked by Lows. They capture Lister and Low Holly prepares a very special "gift" for him. It is a spinal implant that allows the Lows to control his actions. When Lister finally wakes up surrounded by the Lows, he is surprised that he can't move. Low Holly then explains him it is because he hasn't been turned on yet.

Low Holly hasn't appear since that and she is eventually combined with her High version with completed Triplicator.


  • She and other Lows have visibly better relationships that the original crew.