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The Vice President is a character that appeared in the episode "Lice Capades" of the animated TV series South Park as a louse that lives in Clyde's hair. The Vice President serves as the primary antagonist of the episode. He doesn't believe Travis, the lice protagonist of the episode, that the "world" (Clyde's body) is conscious. After Clyde washes his hair with the special shampoo given by the doctor, many lice are killed. The Vice President survives the disaster and travels with Travis to the forbidden zone in hopes to find a new home. He then corners Travis and shoots him in both his knees and tells him that he will rebuild their destroyed village. He mocks Travis' theories of a living world and shoots the ground (Clyde's head). Clyde feels them and in seconds reaches up and picks up the Vice President and tosses him (possibly) to his death.