Louise Goven is the secondary antagonist in the novel The Story of Tracy Beaker and its TV show version. She also appears in its sequel Starring Tracy Beaker. She used to be Tracy Beaker's friend until she starts befriending Justine Littlewood, Tracy's archenemy.

She is portrayed by Chelsie Padley.




After her parents get divorced and her mother dies when she give birth to Louise's younger brother, Louise is taken to an orphanage (or the Dumping Ground) where she meets Tracy. Two girls become friends soon and they promise each other to stay on the Dumping Ground until they are 18, and then live together in a rent flat. Tracy admires Louise's long, blond hair and blue eyes and often says she would like to look like her. She also mentions that Louise usually acts childish in front of adults, so they think she is adorable.

However, their plans are ruined as soon as Justine arrives to the Dumping Ground. She isn't very popular at all and call everyone names. Louise doesn't like her, but Tracy wants to befriend the new girl. They start with the game of dares when Louise finds sympathy for Justine and upholds her in front of Tracy for the first time. Later, Tracy makes fun of Justine's father, causing her to cry. Much to Tracy's horror, Louise then comes to Justine, hugs her and tells her not to listen that jealous Tracy.

Since then, Louise spends all her time with Justine, ignoring Tracy’s desperate attempts to befriend her. Once Justine makes fun of Tracy and taunts her, Louise always joins her new friend and laughs on Tracy, too.

Louise obviously never regrets that she left Tracy. However, when Justine and her once bullies Tracy so much she can't control herself and punches Justine in the nose, causing the principal to ban her playing in the school play. Louise seems to regret that she provoked Tracy and joins children who help Tracy to clean up the entire Dumping Ground. On the other side, she doesn't become her friend again, as Tracy doesn't trust her anymore.

TV series

Louise's relationship with Tracy and Justine is quite controversial in the TV series. After Tracy is adopted and a new girl, Justine, arrives to the Dumping Ground, she becomes Louise's new best friend. When Tracy returns, she is unpleasantly surprised to discover what happened.

At first, Louise doesn't act very friendly to Tracy at all and taunts her alongside with Justine. However, she sometimes also helps Tracy. For example, Justine and she once notice Tracy's friend Ben she smuggles into the Dumping Ground. When Justine decides to tell the careworkers there is someone in Tracy's room, Louise hurries to warn Ben and hide him Tracy's closet. She then stays in the room, pretending to "someone" Justine was talking about.

It is also revealed Justine controls Louise more than in the novels. Louise has no other friends, so she is quite defenseless. The good example is when they have to clean up the room, but it is only Louise who really cleans, with Justine lying on the couch and complaining about the work. In opposite of the novels, it is possible that Louise actually wants to be Tracy's friend again, but is too scared or manipulated by Justine.