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Louise Belcher, Bob's youngest child in the television series Bob's Burgers, is one of the show's central characters.


While she is one of the show's main protagonists, Louise displays antisocial and destructive behaviors which often cause trouble for other main and side characters in the show. She also has many heroic moments in which she actually aids her family and (rarely) people who she takes sympathy on, so it should be noted that she can also be considered an antiheroine. She regularly colludes with her siblings, particularly her brother Gene, to carry out her schemes. Some of her more villainous acts have included enslaving other children and coercing them into making art to sell at an art crawl and keeping all of the profit for her own use, almost electrocuting her older sister at a school science fair (though she did feel remorse for this particular act), lying to her siblings to encourage them to perform irresponsible or embarassing acts, writing inappropriate messages on her family shop's chalk board, and stalking and assaulting a member of a pop music group. Her parents do not discipline her for her bad behavior, and in fact they sometimes encourage it or find it endearing. Because of this, she hasn't really established much in the way of boundaries. The motivation for most of her misbehavior appears to be either profit or because she finds it funny.


Louise Belcher is voiced by Kristen Schaal, who also voiced a witch from Shrek Forever After.

    • Louise is also the only female Belcher to be voiced by a female in the show.