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Don't say any word.
~ Louis to Melanie
Louis Gara is the secondary antagonist of the 1992 novel Rum Rush and its 1997 Tarantino's crime thriller

film adaptation Jackie Brown. He is a small time crook ,ex-con and Ordell Robbie's former friend who was actually responisble for killing Robbie's girl; Melanie only for provoking him.

He was portrayed by the infamous Robert De Niro, who also portrayed Travis Bickle ,Jimmy Conway and Sam Rothstein in Casino.

In Jackie Brown

After that Ordell Robbie returned from killing his former bondsman, Max Cherry upon the latter coaxing him, Robbie found out that his old friend Louis Gara had been released out of prison. After Gara re-briefreinded with Robbie, he decided to help him as a small-time crook.

Killing Melanie

Ordell: "You shot Melanie?!..Is she dead?!"
Gara: "Yeah, pretty much."
~ Ordell Robbie and Gara, after revealing that he had killed Melanie
Later ,in the parking lot, Robbie's girl; Melanie is mocking and provoking Gara himself, so, he pissed off and pulled out his gun, shot and killed her.


What happened to you man?, your ass used to be beautiful!
~ Ordell Robie ,after killing Gara

Several moments after killing Melanie, Gara got into his car, there, he was confronted by Robbie. Robbie discussed with him about his plan ,but then, he shot and killed him in order to avenge him for murdering Melanie.


Gara is a very dangerous and very manipulative person. Because of the reason that he had murdered Melanie for provoking him ,that proves that he is a psychopath.


  • Jackie Brown was De Niro's first time of working with Quentin Tarantino.

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