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From this moment forward let it be known that the Leader and Supreme Commander of the Machine Empire is Louie Kaboom. Each machine shall here by owe allegiance to him, forever.
~ Klank reading Louie Kaboom's proclamation.
Archerina, my sweet! Forgive me!! I am unworthy of your love!
~ Louie Kaboom's final words
Louie Kaboom was a creation of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa's that briefly took control of the Machine Empire and the quinary antagonist of Power Rangers Zeo.


Louie Kaboom was sent by Zedd and Rita to take control of the Machine Empire after King Mondo was destroyed by the Zeo Power Rangers. However Rito and Goldar lost the remote used to control him, allowing the rangers to get their hands on it and they attempted to shut Louie down with it. But this failed and he had himself rewired so the remote would no longer work on him. Louie tried hard to be a good ruler of the empire and win the affections of Queen Machina, but failed on both fronts. He often went to get advice from Klank, who seemed the only one happy with a new leader (possibly because Louie appreciated him more than Mondo did). Rita and Zedd also tried constantly to get control of Louie, but they were as unsuccessful as he had been at being the new Machine King. However his reign come to an end when the rightful ruler of the Machine Empire, Prince Gasket, and his wife, Archerina arrived on the moon. Archerina shot Louie with one of her arrows, making him fall madly in love with her and she sent him to battle the Power Rangers. He was able to fight them at first, but was eventually destroyed by the Zeo Ultrazord.

Powers and Abilities

Louie is able to switch from his humanoid form into his rocket form, allowing him to travel through space. He fights with a blade that replaces his right hand and a missile like cannon that covers his left hand.


  • Louie's counterpart from the Super Sentai series that Zeo was based on was Bomber the Great.

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