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Louie is Cedric's Agent who delivers drug products. He is first seen on the golf course smuggling them in a duffel bag.

Later Barry encountered Louie in an alleyway to make sure the shipment of drug products would go to Bletch. While Louie had Barry test out the drugs, Dennis (the anteater) suddenly rushed into Bletch's office to give him contracts to sign, and Bletch offered him to taste the drugs, which Dennis obliges. But the drugs were actually borax, and Dennis snorts the "drugs" and his nose explodes, and dies. After Dennis was fatally killed by the side affects, Bletch then discovered that it was borax. Louie was surprised by this as well. Feeling double-crossed, Bletch angrily demanded Louie to tell him where the non-fatal shipment is which Louie answers that they're at the docks. Afterwards Bletch had Trevor and Barry force-feed Louie the borax, causing him to literally liquidate to death.

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