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Louie in his human form.

Louie is a vampire/werewolf hybrid and the quartenary antagonist of the horror movie, Fright Night ll.


Louie first appears along with his group in Charlie's building watching Charley while on the elevator.

He later appears trying to kill a girl in her apartment, only to have his claws broken by the window.

Louie tries to woo Charlie's girlfiend, Alex. Alex tells Louie that he is funny but Louie was't satisfied.

He appears playing bowling with his friends, but he fails everytime that he tries to do a strike.

His final appearance is when he is rejected twice by Alex, he now tries to kill Alex along with Charlie, he

Louie in his wolf form.

ambushes them but is defeated by Charley when he shoots him with a crossbow.


  • Louie and Evil Ed are the only vampires of the franchise that have a wolf form.

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