Lou the Devil

Lou is the main antagonist in the music video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. At first, he appears as a record producer looking for a band to hire for all sorts of venues. He signs the player's band to his record label, and, unbeknownst to them, signs their souls to him.

At first, everything seems normal. The band's first gig under Lou's label is a music video; pretty straightforward to their knowledge, although the drummer seems somewhat suspicious of the setting of the video. The second gig Lou assigns them is a concert in London; nothing unusual at first, until the singer and the guitarist are nearly crushed under a fall piece of the stage decor, arousing some suspicion.

When a magazine article claims that the band has sold out and Lou informs them that they're scheduled to perform at a prison, their suspicion grows further. After a concert in the desert, Lou informs them that they've been invited to perform in Japan, much to their excitement. Afterward, the band's popularity seems to have dropped significantly, as Lou informs them that they're scheduled to appear on the "Celebrity Has-Been Dance-Off." Outraged, the band demands to cancel their contract; whereupon, Lou shows them the fine print of the contract, which read "(Your souls are mine.)" Then, the ground collapses beneath them, and they land in the Rock n' Roll equivalent of Hell.

The group's guitarist challenged Lou to a guitar battle, playing a heavy metal cover of "The Devil Went Down Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band. The group's guitarist defeats Lou and Lou ends the contract letting the band member's souls be free once again. It is not known where Lou went after he was beaten; when he was defeated, he disappeared shortly after.

He was known to have a guitar made entirely of bones and its sound is worked out with peoples souls. An interesting fact is that famous guitar players Slash and Tom Morello are available for use in the game as well once you purchase them.