Bronze - Indus Agora
Lotus Agora is a evil warrior of the manga and anime series Saint Seiya. Is the Silver Saint belonging to the constellation of the Lotus fictitious (or, according to some theories, to that Indus). As mate battle Peacock Shiva, he is a disciple of the Gold Saint Virgo Shaka and, like him, is a character that appears only in the anime version of the series.

its original name is derived from the Ancient Agora, the term used in ancient Greece indicated the main square of the polis.

The Character

Agora has a characterization similar to that of Shiva: cruel, ruthless and unfair battle, as well as increasingly convinced they are right, despite his evil deeds. Thanks to the training of Shaka, he shows no fear, and then he is immune to Phoenix genmaken. He is very attached to his master, and he extols the power and skill in the teachings.


As for the companion Peacock Shiva, even the life of Agora very little is known. E 'was born in India and received the same training as Shaka Shiva. along with the companion of struggle, it becomes Silver Saint and is committed to Gemini Saga in the role of the Pope, to kill Phoenix Island Kanon, during the battle at the Great Temple.

After the defeat of the soldiers under him, Agora leaves Shiva fight against Ikki and, through meditation, send a prayer to his teacher (who is the sixth house), who managed a block Ikki with his cosmos.

With the help of Athena, Ikki is free from the influence of Shaka, and killed the two wicked Silver Saint with Hoyoku Tensho. Before leaving the site of the battle, Ikki asks Athena to forgive the two opponents for their terrible deeds.


  • Renge Bakusai Ken: Agora hits the opponent with a punch that takes the shape of a lotus flower bright. Who is affected by this technica risks his life, this being shot full of a lot of the cosmos that Agora focused meditation.
  • Agora can make a combined attack with Shiva, who Genra with the union of their cosmos a spiral of light to imprison opponents. The attack is quite easily canceled by Ikki.

Agora has a Silver Cloth that, like the other vestiges of this caliber, covering almost the entire body of its owner. The armor, partially covered by a white tunic, is completely purple.