How did a fragile creature get here? I'll show you the power of the Apostle!
~ Lotus

Lotus is Boss and and the eighth strongest Apostle From Dungeon Fighter Online. He is a Cyclops Giant octopus type creature, The apostles who meet for the first time in the game.


Apostle burnt up in the Underworld in the ocean world. Underworld was dominating the ocean. Transition of the second victim of the Apostles. Transition into hibernation while they were altar of the temple in the back of Behemoth, became trapped in the ruins owe rusting there in the moment he was unable to escape flying in the sky, wind wakes Behemoth. After finding out where is exactly, Lotus uses his mind-control powers to take over the minds of the GBL who resided on Behemoth. What's very interesting is that Lotus manages to do all of this while being in an incredibly weakened state. When you eventually fight and defeat Lotus, he's only at ~10% of his true power.

Lotus met his end after heroes overcame his many forces and mind control abilites. However, with his parting words, he mentioned that his death was already foretold by Siroko.



  • He is First apostles who meet in the game.
  • Comparing the ability of the other apostles, the lotus is also one that is less strong Apostles.