These two monsters served as Lothor's bodyguards and appeared in the Dino Thunder/ Ninja Storm crossover. They served Lothor when they all resurrected from the Abyss of Evil. There were two warrior sorcerers who both wielded staffs. They did not speak but still fought.

When Lothor gained control of the Wind Rangers, the two joined them in attacking the Ninja Academy and then in Reefside. In part 2, Lothor joined forces with Mesogog and the two bodyguards, along with Elsa and Zurgane, led an army of Kelzaks, Tyrranodrones, Triptoids and Wolfblades. The Dino Rangers and Ninja Rangers joined forces and fought the army. Conner and Shane, the two red rangers fought the bodyguards. They two combined their power with their battlelizers and the two bodyguards were destroyed.


  • The two villains' original versions, Mikela and Voffa appear in an episode of Dino Thunder that airs a dubbed version of Abaranger.