"Never send a boy to do a man's job. (laughs maniacally)" - Lothar Zogg before he attacks Rocky with his sword
Lothar Zogg

Lothar Zogg

Lothar Zogg is the secondary antagonist of Three Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain.


Lothar Zogg is the helper of a notorious criminal, Mary Ann "Medusa" Rogers. They plot with Medusa's dimwitted nephews Carl, Buelow, and Zed, a band of mercenaries, and her Jamaican sidekick C.J. to capture the amusement park Mega Mountain and hold the guests hostage for money. The TV star Dave Dragon is about to retire due to poor ratings on his show. Lothar helps the group capture him. When Medusa's thugs capture Rocky's girlfriend Amanda and tie her to a roller coaster track, Rocky sets off to rescue her and is confronted by Lothar himself. The two of them battle and before the villain can strangle him to death, Rocky, before saving Amanda, tosses a yo-yo around Lothar's ankle, causing him to fall off the track and into the hands of the authorities.


  • Lothar Zogg is played by the late Jim Varney.