Lorraine Purge Anarchy

Lorraine is a villainess from 2014's The Purge: Anarchy.

She was played by Roberta Valderrama.

Lorraine is the sister of Tanya, one of the protagonists of the film, and the group of protagonists encountered Lorraine after Eva took them to Tanya's house. The group was enjoying themselves, but Lorraine kept staring ominously at Tanya and Roddy, Lorraine's husband. Later on, Lorraine slowly enters the living room with a gun in her hand and shoots Tanya to death in cold blood. Lorraine's villainous motive: she found out about Tanya sleeping with Lorraine's husband, and she verbally confronted him about the affair after killing Tanya. Lorraine later had her sights on killing her husband, stating that cheaters deserve to die. After the Sergeant shoots the husband to save Liz, the vengeful villainess fires at the Sergeant, leading to a massive gunfight in the home. Lorraine escapes, and her fate is unknown.