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Lorenzo Mack (Lottery Tickett)

Lorenzo Mack is the main antagonist 2010 film comedy Lottery Ticket. Lorenzo is the neighborhood bully of the Fillmore Projects where, Kevin Carson and his friends live. Lorenzo is an intimidating thug who uses his strength to get wherever he wants. He is portrayed by Gbenga Akinnagbe.


Lorenzo is known and feared throughout the Fillmore Projects as intimidating, muscular, aggressive bully. Lorenzo has been sent numerous times to jail but always manages to get out. After his latest time of getting out of jail, Lorenzo spends his morning reading the newspaper on the neighborhood basketball court, where spots Kevin Carson and best friend, Benny, and forces them to come on the court. He tells Kevin to give him and his friends each three pairs of the new Air Jordan's at the Footlocker where he works. When Lorenzo arrives at the Footlocker, he makes Kevin give the shoes for free. However, when he leaves the store with the unpaid shoes, Lorenzo sets off the alarm, he then believes Kevin set him up. When the police arrive, Lorenzo tires to save himself from more jail time by saying that Kevin give him the shoes. But Kevin does not cover for him, so Lorenzo is arrested for shoplifting but swears revenge on Kevin.

After Lorenzo gets out of jail, he learns that Kevin has the winning Mondo Millions $370 Million lottery ticket and decides to take it. He to the local church Kevin is at, but Benny creates distraction for Kevin to escape. After Lorenzo threatens to stab someone if they don't get out of his way, he confronts Kevin tries to make him give up his lottery ticket. When Kevin's bodyguard Jimmy, an enforcer for the local loan shark Sweet Tea told to protect Kevin, draws a gun to the back of his head, Lorenzo is able to intimidate him to revealing he never shot anybody, then beats up Jimmy. However, while he is beating Jimmy up, Kevin uses this as opportunity to escape. Lorenzo and members of his gang follow Kevin on to subway train, but Kevin manages to escape before the train leaves.


Lorenzo is a cruel and merciless thug who uses intimidation to get what he wants. Lorenzo is streetwise able to see through Jimmy's tough-guy act and was able to figure out that Kevin was trying to trick him into believing had a fake lottery ticket, not the real one.