The Lords of War are a clan of supernatural warriors whose goal is to start wars. They are reincarnated through the ages, and have started most of the major wars throughout history.

Even though they are mortal, when they are in possession of their crystal sword (or control of it, since they can recall it once thrown), they are immune to the weapons of man. Following their code of honor, when a Lord of War is disgraced, he must steal his abilities back, by murdering and stealing the souls of those with the same traits as they have lost. Among the qualities needed are the power of a firstborn witch (firstborns being the strongest) and a killer instinct. The one weapon that can hurt them no matter what is their own sword.

Gabriel Statler

Gabriel with his Crystal SwordAdded by Drego5During the Crimean War, the Charmed Ones' great-great-great aunt, Brianna Warren, encountered a Lord of War, Gabriel Statler, and was able to take his sword from him. Presumably he was easily killed afterwards as without his sword he was vunerable.

When Gabriel was reincarnated over 150 years later, he sought to kill Prue both for her power (since she was a firstborn witch) and to avenge his previous humiliation by Brianna. In this incarnation, Gabriel had a sister, Helena. The two of them had apparently been researching the Charmed Ones for some time after they came into their powers. To even the odds, Prue cast a spell that created two clones of herself.

Gabriel killed Helena when one of Prue's clones took her hostage and went after Prue for a final time. This time, using a trick, the Charmed Ones knocked him down, and when he called his sword back to himself, Prue telekinticaly flipped it over so it impaled him. Gabriel died and his sword apparently exploded, but he will presuambly be reincarnated again somewhere down the line. ("Which Prue Is It Anyway?")

Appendices Edit

Brianna Warren and the Lords of War in the Book of ShadowsAdded by TheBook::(Book of Shadows text:)

And thus the Lord of War, his
army invincible, swept through the
Crimea leaving nothing but ashes in his
wake. The cause would have been lost
had it not been for the appearance of an
unlikely savior in the form of a woman.
Her face lined with years of wisdom,
her hands the fountainhead of a power
beyond belief, the Warren witch.
Brianna appeared unarmed before the
conquering army. Underestimating his
foe, the Lord of War ordered her
summary execution, but his plan was
not to be.

Holding aloft her hands the channel
and source of her tremendous energy,
Her mind focused, and her will strong
Brianna did what no man, no army
could: she sent the Crystal Sword of
the Lord of War high into the Sky, and
hundreds of miles away.
Separated from the weapon that was
the source of all his power, the Lord of
War was quickly defeated, his armies
crushed and his campaign ruined.
Moreover, the fall from grace of this
Lord of War was made even worse in
the eyes of those who stood in judgment
by the instrument of his destruction, a
simple witch.