Lorde bork

Lorde Bork

Lorde Bork is the main villain of the cartoon and comic Galácticos. It was a space lord member of the "Lorde Plasmons" organization that protected the universe of villains through their robots heroes "Galácticos" (Galactics), but Bork was the only one that was induced by greed and evil to destroy the universe. To prevent him from doing such evil he was trapped for millions of years in a capsule that altered his DNA. When it was being released he gained superpowers and a new body, since going to put into practice his plan to destroy the universe and defeat the Galácticos.

Although having ambition to destroy the universe, Lorde Bork is not a real threat in the early episodes. He has been shown a pathetic and wimpy villain who only appeals to trick heroes changing shape, besides damaging planets ridiculously eg polluting the Earth or throwing freezing missiles on the Sun. But it becomes a real threat at the end of the story when he makes a wish to become a devourer of planets, getting to be a gigantic size.