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The Lord of Time is a malevolent time-traveller and enemy of the Justice League, he has similarities to the Marvel super-villain known as Kang the Conqueror .

From the year 3786 A.D., the Lord Of Time attacked the Justice League, using his miraculous chrono-cube to peel back the fourth-dimensional veil of time. He wants nothing less than to conquer space and time.

Powers / Abilities

  • Time Travel: The Lord Of Time Possesses a Chrono-cube that allows him to travel throughout time.
  • Temporal Adaptive Armour: The Lord Of Time wears a suit of armour that assimilates weapons from each time period he visits.
  • Weapons: The Lord Of Time has access to a vast array of weaponry that he uses to further his ends. He has a device called a Timepoint that traps his enemies in a single moment that is inescapable. He also has a number of devices that help him to control the flow of time.

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