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"it was said the castle was so full of rape, murder and torture it began to sink as if to hide from God"
~ one of the more famous quotes on de Soulis' madness.

Lord William de Soulis has become demonized in English folklore as a madman and devil-worshipper, though whether this was factual or not is heavily debated - regardless of truth de Soulis is the centre of countless legends surrounding his cruelty and depravity.

According to local belief this evil nobleman was fond of the Dark Arts and subjected his people to intense cruelty with the aid of his demonic minion, Robin Redcap - in fact de Soulis became so evil that the locals had no choice but to revolt against him and boil him alive to end his reign of terror.

Historians have dismissed this part of the legend as de Soulis was in reality arrested at the time for treason against Robert the Bruce and died in his prison cell - of course legend often overrules reality and many people still prefer to believe the old tales about de Soulis and his evil ways.