Lord Von Prong is the main villain of the first DeathSpank game. He is the evil ruler of the land and the leader of an Orque army who has kidnapped all the orphans from the Town of Pluckmuckel and for some reason wants the purple thong that DeathSpank is wearing. It is implied that he killed his family to seize power. Early in the game, after DeathSpank obtains the Artifact, he is mugged by some Orques working for Von Prong and they bring the Artifact back to their master only for him to yell at them saying he only needs DeathSpank's thong.

Lord Von Prong is fought in his castle courtyard, where he rides a donkey and attacks with his extremely high singing voice. He can only be hurt by the Progenitor 3000 sword. After defeating him, Sandy Bravitor shows up and reveals on his body an orange thong similar to DeathSpank's purple one, explaining that this is what made him evil and that there are others that must be found and destroyed.