Lord Varohl
Lord Varohl is the main antagonist of Legend of Lemnear and is also known as the Champion of Gold.


Not much is known about his past except as a child, Varohl is an outcast to his people and eventually fell to the forest of sorcery and gets corrupted to seek revenge of humanity and plans to subjugate humanity to make the world his own and later became lord of the flying fortress Valkysas and separate his his arm for it to become Gardin and sent him to attack Lemnear's village and kidnaps Messhu the champion of bronze in order to trap Lemnear the champion of silver, Later on after Lemnear chased Gardin, Gardin returns as Varohl's arm again and the two battle then Lord Varohl became a two-headed dragon and eventually a stone giant  until he is killed when the eye on his forehead is destroyed by both Lemnear and Messhu.


Lord Varohl is the King of the continent and corrupted by an Evil from within his body that he give his daughter Lemnear to his brother the Great Master so that when the evil completely consumes him, Lemnear will slay him to bring a New Era 15 years later the evil consumes him completely and he sent his men to capture Messhu and Lemnear and eventually Messhu gets captured and Lemnear came to rescue Messhu, Eventually Lemnear saw Varohl for the first time and shock about his resemblance to his twin brother than the two of them fought eventually Lemnear saw a vision of Varohl's past and discovered that he is her father and Varohl says "you have done well Lenear" and thanks Lemnear and after he pass on Lemnear became Queen with Messhu as King.


  • Compared to his original incarnation, the manga incarnation of Varohl is a more noble and tragic villain who is a hero being corrupted by evil with his last heroic act to be giving his daughter Lemnear to his brother in order for Lemnear to slay Varohl when the evil force within his body consumed him.
    • Father Balder from Bayonetta bears some minor similarity to the manga incarnation and like the manga incarnation Balder is also a hero being consumed by an evil within and wants his daughter Bayonetta to slay him when Loptr's evil within his body consumes him.