Mwa ha ha ha ha!
~ Lord Vampyre's evil laugh

Lord Vampyre is a minifigure released in 2012 as a part of the Monster Fighters theme. He is the main villain of the theme. He is based on the legendary vampire Count Dracula. He is the evil ruler of the Monster Realms and he wants to use the Moonstones to eclipse the sun forever and create a night eternal. His archenemy is Dr. Rodney Rathebone. He is married with Vampyre's Bride. He has many minions, like his personal Zombie Driver, the Werewolf, the Ghosts, the Zombies, the Mummy, the Swamp Creature, the Crazy Scientist and his monster and some Manbats.


Lord vamprye has traditonial vampire features like chalk white skin, blood red eyes, fangs and slicked back black hair He wears all black with the exception of his waistcoat which is red, his shirt which is white and his cravate which is also red. He weilds a dark silver sword, wears a pocket watch and tattered cloak and can transform into a bat.


In The LEGO movie a similair looking vampire character appears, in the videogame he is said to actually be Lord Vampyre, however this is never said in the actual movie.

He is most likely a parody of Count Dracula.