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Lord Snotzax is a pretend character played by Wilt in the Cartoon Network show Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends as the hidden main antagonist in the episode Make Believe Or Not and the video game Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders.

Make Believe or Not

Wilt is disgused as Lord Snotzax again in hopes of reasoning with the Space-Nut Boogies to release Mac and Bloo. However, the plan backfires as now Wilt's kindness forces him to take control of the Space-Nut Boogies and refuses to let Mac and Bloo go from their torture, They then discover that Mac and Bloo's torture was actually being subjected to tickle torture from the machine known as the "Deranged Insanolizer," much to Goo's disatisfaction (While they were pretending during the game, Wilt tickled Mac and Bloo pretending to be said machine). After releasing Mac and Bloo, Omnizot and the Space-Nut Boogies awaken and assult the heroes while Mac and Bloo pretend to be their superheroic counterparts, conquering Wilt's and Omnizot's minions. Near the end he redeems himself and eats pie with Bloo and the rest (including Omnizot and the Space Nut Boogies.)

Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders.

Lord Snotzax appears near the end of the game as the final boss, and the same in the episode "Make Believe It Or Not", he redeems himself and eats pie with Bloo and the Space Nut Boogies with their leader Omnizot.



  • Lord Snotzax in the show is played by Wilt as pretend.
  • Lord Snotzax's personality is nearly the same to other evil lords.

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