Ryuma's first form

Lord Ryuma is a villain in the anime, Shinzo. He is one of the Seven Eteran Generals and the lord of the reptiles. Ryuma resembles a blond humanoid reptile with green eyes and a large mouth

Ryuma first appeared during the battle of Mushrambo and Gyasa. Then Ryuma took a black card and turned Mushra into a dark, corrupted version of Mushrambo while fighting Ryuma's three-headed dragon, Grandora. Ryuma attempted to marry Yakumo, but the dark corrupted version of Mushrambo crashed the wedding and fought Ryuma and Grandora. Mushrambo wounded Grandora, then Ryuma absorbed him and became Grand Ryuma. Ryuma then attempted to freeze Mushrambo, but Mushrambo killed Ryuma, claiming that Mushrambo would not be stopped till the world was destroyed.