Party's over, Dunston!
~ Rutledge before capturing Dunston

Lord Rutledge is the main antagonist in the 1996 comedy Dunston Checks In.

He is portrayed by Rupert Everett who also portrayed Dr. Claw in the live action Disney Inspector Gadget film and voiced Prince Charming in the Shrek film franchise, Sloan Blackburn in The Wild Thornberrys Movie, and John Lamont, one of Mr. Barron's disguises in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.


Not much is known about Rutledge except that he was a monkey trainer for O'Malley's circus and adopted and trained two orangutan brothers named Samson and Dunston. It is likely that as well as circus tricks, he trained them to be thieves and steal from people and treated his pets rather cruelly. Finally when Samson refused to be obedient, he had him killed much to Dunston's sorrow.

He carried a gold topped knight headed cane that he used as a weapon that had sharp blade tips from the bottom as well as a concealed sword.

Role in the MovieEdit

Rutledge set his sights for his greatest heist on the Majestic Hotel in New York. He kept Dunston hidden in a trunk but the sounds Dunston was making from inside caught the attention of the manager's son Kyle Grant. Rutledge angrily told Kyle to keep his nose out of his affairs and then checked himself into the hotel. He planned to rob the guests of their jewellery including wealthy heiress Angela Dellacroce. He disguises himself as a bell boy and attaches a red ribbon to the window of Mrs Dellecroce's room so that Dunston could rob the room while he and the other hotel guests were attending a dinner party.

When Dunston returned, Rutledge got frustrated when the orangutan had stolen worthless junk as well as jewels and refused to show him fully what he had stolen. He warned Dunston not to make the same mistake his brother Samson made and be more co-operative, but Dunston ran away with Rutledge trying desperately to find him. As he looked in the laundry shoot, he caught the attention of the hotel owner Elena Dubrow who thought he was a critic for the Le Monde Traveller Organisation.

He eventually finds Dunston again, but the orangutan sets several traps to slow him down and eventually becomes friends with Kyle. Kyle tries hiding Dunston from Rutledge who then goes into the health spa. He tries to tells his father Robert Grant what has happened, but under the influence of Mrs. Dubrow to treat Rutledge as their special guest, he doesn't believe him and makes Kyle apologize.

After helping Dunston escape from Animal Exterminator Buck LaFarge, Kyle with the help of his brother Brian checks Dunston into the royal guest suite where he will be safe from Rutledge.

However after doing some hacking into the hotel meal orders, Rutledge finds where Dunston is and seeks to hunt him down once and for all. He finds the suite and takes both Dunston and Kyle back to his room where he ties and gags Kyle in the bath. He decides to clear out and make his escape. Dunston manages to escape again by biting on his ear and tricks him into going down in the lift where he is found by Mrs. Dubrow who is hosting the annual hotel Crystal Ball.

Dunston meanwhile goes back into the room and unties Kyle who then finds the old circus picture of Rutledge, Dunston and Samson. Rutledge is still trying to find Dunston and spots him amongst one of the tables, he darts after him but while he is under the table he is distracted by Mrs. Dellecroce and Dunston makes his escape. Meanwhile Kyle has shown the picture to both Brian and Robert. His father is furious that Rutledge tied Kyle up and agrees to help: while Kyle and Brian find Dunston, he would take care of Lord Rutledge.

Rutledge sees Dunston again and seizes one of the tablecloths from a nearby table. He finally captures Dunston using the table cloth as a sack and goes in the direction of the kitchen. Robert follows him and Rutledge aims a sharp carving knife at him, but Dunston manages to get his arm out of the sack and hit his master with a pot. While Dunston escapes with Kyle, Rutledge battles Robert and eventually overpowers him until Brian intervenes. Robert then grabs him by the collar and throws him out of the kitchen onto one of the nearby tables as a punishment for tying up his son up. The table collapses and Rutledge falls down unconscious.

Later Rutledge is arrested and the jewels Dunston stole are presumably returned to Mrs. Dellacroce. As he leaves the hotel he sees Dunston and Kyle waving goodbye to him and says "Dunston, how could you!" They both blow a raspberry at him which makes Rutledge even more furious as the Police lead him away. It is presumed after this that he was imprisoned while Dunston moved with the Grant family to Bali where he made a mate and had a orangutan baby.