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Lord Rutledge

Lord Rutledge is the main antagonist in Dunston Checks In.

He is potrayed by Rupert Everett who also portrayed Dr. Claw.


Lord" Rutledge is a jewel thief (who Mrs. Dubrow thinks is the critic), arrives with an orangutan named Dunston, intending to steal the guests' jewelry. Dunston and his deceased brother, Samson were trained in thievery their whole lives. Now Dunston has been wanting to escape from Rutledge's poor treatment and life of crime ever since.

Meanwhile, Dunston escapes Rutledge, but is cornered by both Mrs. Dubrow and Buck LaFarge. Dunston is saved by Kyle and Dunston saves him in turn afterwards. Robert eventually manages to stand up to Mrs. Dubrow, but is fired in the process.

However, it turns out that Mr. Spalding, humiliated and injured by Dunston's antics, was actually the critic all along. As a result, he immediately reduces the Majestic to a one-star hotel. Rutledge is arrested and LaFarge apologizes to Dunston, who then slaps him.

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