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Do you remember me? Yes of course you do!
~ Lord Pomfrey to the students

Lord Pomfrey is the main antagonist of St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold.

Lord Pomfrey is played by David Tennant who also played Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Doctor in Doctor Who.



He is a rich art collector, influential in the government, and is a heavy misogynist and bully. Lord Pomfrey is very Conservative, upper class, and egocentric. He wants women to be put in their place and men to be dominant.

Lord Pomfrey appears when the girls are researching the legend of the famous Pirate Fritton, who they find out is actually William Shakespeare - Shakespeare being a woman, she was forced to pretend to be male in the patriarchal, misogynistic society of her time. Lord Pomfrey is on the knowledge of Shakespeare's true identity, and he vows to cover the knowledge when the girls threaten to expose the truth. Lord Pomfrey turns to hostilities and he pursues the girls throughout London when they go to the Globe Theatre, but humorously loses sight of them several times on his CCTV.


Lord Pomfrey is the descendant of a man whose money was stolen by the pirate Shakespeare in 1589 and he runs an organization known as AD1, a very male organization where women are seen as animals. Lord Pomfrey hates women with a passion. Lord Pomfrey tries to thwart the girls from finding out about Shakespeare's secret; and when they try to get her gold, they have the first of her rings which point the location of the treasure, and Lord Pomfrey has the second ring. So, the students nick Lord Pomfrey's ring, and run off with the map to the treasure.

Victory (and defeat)

Inside the vault in the Globe Theatre they find that the treasure is - nothing. But it turns out that the actual treasure was Shakespeare's true identity. Also, that the Headmistress of St Trinian's was a descendant of Shakespeare, and this is part of the treasure. Lord Pomfrey comes in triumphant and steals the evidence from the girls, and goes for a cruise on the Thames. But to his amazement, a giant pirate ship crewed by the school comes down and the girls do a rope swing and nick the evidence out of Lord Pomfrey's hands, to which he watches in hilarious disbelief.

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