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Lord Poltergeist is a creepy ghost and the main antagonist of the episode "Ghoul Fools" of SpongeBob SquarePants.

When SpongeBob and Patrick enter the house, Patrick thinks that he is not a real ghost. They do find out he is real when he makes a pizza with Anchovies on it. Then, Lord Poltergeist sends them out to get a new head gasket for his ship, claiming that he will keep their souls if they fail. He gets the help of Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy to give Poltergeist the gasket (but Mr. Krabs wanted to go there only for the ghost's treasure). However, once he got the head gasket, it is revealed that Poltergeist doesn't really have their souls. They were actually old orange sodas that were left out in the sun too long. He has lots of sacks of gold doubloons, and Mr. Krabs, Patrick, and Squidward try to steal away from him. SpongeBob did not like that. When Lord Poltergeist saw Mr.Krabs, Squidward, and Patrick trying to steal his money he said "stop right there." But they ignore him by running away, although he catches them in his "void", where they are forced to suffer eternal torment. Krabs' torment was an outhouse that cost one doubloon to use, Patrick's torment was being unable to eat a donut on his head (which turns out to be worse for the donut), and Squidward's torment, obviously, was SpongeBob. Sandy uses her ghost catching equipment to bring everyone out of the void. Soon, SpongeBob finds out that Lord Poltergeist's gold that Mr. Krabs wanted actually belonged to the Flying Dutchman, and he and his crew, where orginally the Flying Dutchman's but they betrayed him and ran off with the gold. He then gloated the Flying Dutchman would never find them, only for the Flying Dutchman to arrive, its revealed Spongebob foolishly called him. Upon meeting the Flying Dutchman, Lord Poltergeist lyed about the betraying, claiming they went out for Pizza and got lost, then pretended to give the gold back. At that moment he regrabbed it and ran the Flying Dutchman over with his boat, figuring they would escape, but his boats engine broke, catching them the Flying Dutchman attacked, and banished all of them to the Void.