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Lord Palethorn of Shoreditch (neé Reggie Pallthrop) is the primary antagonist of MediEvil 2. He is voiced by Marc Silk.


In 1886, Palethorn found Zarok's spellbook and unleashed havoc on London. The spell resurrected the dead across the city, including the remains of dinosaurs housed in the Great Museum, even the gargoyle statues in Palethorn's room were animated by the magic and came alive. During the spell, Palethorn was transformed into a red-skinned monstrosity with elongated ears. These unusual effects of the spell could be attributed to the missing pages of the spellbook. The spell also resurrected Sir Daniel Fortesque, who was quick to defeat him.



  • On his blog, the game's art designer, Jason Wilson, described Palethorn as a "mix of Alistair Crowley and the Godfather."[1]


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