Lord Moran is a character in Sherlock, appearing as the main antagonist in the third series' first episode "The Empty Hearse". He is a Member of Parliament, who secretly works for a North Korean terrorist organisation to blow up the houses of Parliament.

The actor playing Moran is unknown as he is uncredited.


Lord Moran is a Member of Parliament, however has been working for North Korea since 1996 and is part of an underground terrorist organisation that Mycroft Holmes and his brother Sherlock have been investigating.

Moran disappeared in a London Underground in a CCTV video shown to Sherlock, as seven carriages left a station but only six arrived. Sherlock said that the driver must have diverted the train and detached the carriage before continuing on his journey without it.

Moran planned on detonating a bomb below the Houses of Parliament. However the plan is stopped by Sherlock and John Watson as they find the carriage and switch off the bomb. Moran, at a hotel somewhere, realises his plan has failed and attempts to escape, but ends up being captured by authorities and brought into custody.

Episode appearances

Series Three

  • "The Empty Hearse"


  • He is loosely based off Sebastian Moran from "The Empty House" who was the henchman of Holmes' archenemy James Moriarty. It is never specified if this version of Moran is connected to the modern version of Moriarty in any way.