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Lord Megadeath

Lord Megadeath is the main villain from Digimon World 3. A digital lifeform born inside the Digital World, he decided to conquer both the real world and the digital world. For this end, he created the terrorist organization A.o.A. along with the president of MAGAMI, the corporation responsible for hosting Digimon Online. His plans were to create a Digimon capable of fusing itself with any kind of machinery, for this he tasked A.o.A. with taking over the two servers of Digimon Online and turn everyone into Oinkmon, which served as source of matrix data. He successfully creates Vemmon, which the A.o.A. agents fuse with the Juggernaut battleship, making it digivolve into Destromon. Junior, one of the players of Digimon Online, thwart A.o.A. Scheme, defeating the MAGAMI President and activating the self-destruction of Destromon.. However, everyone is turned into Oinkmon again, not only in the digital world but in the real world as well. Junior goes back to Amaterasu City, where he had defeated the MAGAMI President, and is greeted by Lord Megadeath, who invites him to his base of operations, the Gunslinger Space Station. Once there, he reveals that A.o.A. was a mere pawn for his plans, as he intended to rule the two worlds alone, and that Destromon was a distraction while he finished his project to create Snatchmon, which he claims to be the strongest Digimon. Junior fights Lord Megadeath, who attacks with a team of Fujinmon, Suijinmon and Raijinmon. He is defeated, but never admits defeat, since he still had Snatchmon, teleporting away. Junior follows him inside a room, where Lord Megadeath fuses four Vemmon who become Snatchmon. He orders Snatchmon to attack Junior, but the Digimon refuses to obey, saying he doesn't need a tamer. Snatchmon then kills Lord Megadeath and absorbs his data. Snatchmon challenges Junior, fusing with the Gunslinger to digivolve into Galacticmon, but is defeated.

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