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Lord Matsudaira Naritsugu is the main villain in 13 Assassins. He is a sadistic young Lord who rapes and kills at will including the daughter in law of his half brother and the daughter of a present leader.

Biography and Death

He suffers no consequence because he is the Shogun's half-brother and has a position of government. He makes a journey to the shogun's temple only to be opposed by 12 samurai and a bandit who were hired to kill him for those who despised his methods. Naritsugu sees the battle between the samurai and his men as beautiful and is enraptured. After his men and most of the samurai are killed he enters the battle and wounds one of the surviving samurais only to get stabbed himself. He then confesses to being scared of his own death and is decapitated. His death was reported as an illness.


Rapist, killer and murderous tyrant with chaotic personality. He is pure evil.