Never forget all you have is the Loxley name. I can take it from you just like that.
~ Lord Loxley to Lady Mae

Lord Loxley is the abusive ex-husband of Lady Mae Loxley and a primary antagonist in the second and third series of the ITV drama series Mr. Selfridge.

He is played by Aidan McArdle, who also portrayed Stephen Norton.

Lady Mae Loxley's other half, Lord Loxley is as much of a snob as he is a bully. The arrangement that so benefited Lady Mae, wherein she lives in the city and he remains in the country comes to an abrupt end when financial difficulties require him to return to his seat in the House of Lords in the hopes of using his position for profit. Entitled, ruthless and abusive, he aims to crush Mae's independence and dismiss the American he regards as a vulgar showman in the process.

In Series 3, Mae has now divorced from Lord Loxley and is now living abroad. Lord Loxley now wishes to make Harry Selfridge's life a misery as revenge for supposedly driving Mae away from him. He is also shown to be in league with Harry's son-in-law Serge De Bolotoff who comes to Loxley after Harry doesn't pay for his aviatoring.