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The Pets

Lord Licorice's Pets (named Crockett, Buzzy, and Spidora) are the three secondary antagonists from the PC game, Candy Land Adventure. They are Lord Licorice's minions.

Candy Land Adventure

They are Lord Licorice's pets who appear outside of Lord Licorice's castle and they appeared as his pets. Gingerbread Boy Jib meets Gloppy, a swamp monster who is extremely hungry for sweets and candies. Gloppy lets Gingerbread Boy Jib find six candies: A purple plum from Gingerbread Orchard, a red and white piece of a candy cane from Peppermint Forest, an orange gumdrop from Gum Drop Mountains, a chestnut peanut from Peanut Brittle House, a yellow lollipop from Lollipop Woods, and a turquoise candy snowflake from Ice Cream Sea.

So then, Gingerbread Boy Jib eventually gives six candies to Gloppy so the castle will turn into King Kandy's royal candy castle. Gingerbread Boy Jib feels extremely optimistic and pleasant for getting sweet candy everywhere and in the wonderful and magnificent candy room and putting more than 152 candies.

Finally, Gingerbread Boy Jib and his six friends named Plumpy, Mr. Mint, Jolly, Gramma Nutt, Princess Lolly, and Princess Frostine happily went to King Kandy's candy castle, and the pets were still alive and never seen again at the end of the game.


They are also known for being greedy, cruel, selfish, paranoid, deceptive, and treacherous in every nature. They can be independent, authentic, and loyal to their owner, Lord Licorice.

Physical Appearance




Crockett is a green male crocodile with yellow eyes and a lime spine.




Buzzy is a brown male vulture with gray eyes, a yellow beak and feet, a copper belly, a tan neck, and a pink head.




Spidora is a red female spider with eight legs, black stripes, and yellow eyes.



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