Lord Mordred Hood is one of the Grandmasters/Egg Bosses of the Dark Egg Legion/Egg Army. Lord Hood is a Mobian Cobra and was formerly the adviser to the throne of Mercia.


Mordred Hood was the adviser to the throne of Mercia, but his advice was not often acknowledged. Mordred decided to join Eggman and was instigated as the ruler of Mercia and the Grandmaster of the Mercia Dark Egg Legion, taking the title Lord. Hood had come into conflict with Rob and Bow at several points after this, having personally being attacked by Bow at least seven times.

Hood was later contacted by Eggman after having been tricked by Snively, after being introduced to the new Metal Series, Hood was sent back to Mercia.

Later, the Chaotix and the Mercian Freedom Fighters attacked Snottingham Castle in order to get info on Mighty and also to damage the local Dark Egg Legion, and to rescue prisoner's from Hood's dungeon. They personally fought Hood at one point but managed to succeed in their goals and escape.

After Mobius was changed by the Super Genesis Wave, Lord Hood remained a high ranking underling of Eggman, but now held the title of Egg Boss over the Avalon and it's Egg Army.


Lord Hood is very intelligent and is a clever manipulator. Hood can either walk around using his legionized legs, or slither like a snake. Hood has the ability to mind control and hypnotize others using his cobra hood, which he shoots green circular energy waves from in order to do this. Hood is also able to extend his neck  out of his armor and posses incredibe agility, easily able to dodge a speeding arrow.