Lord Hikiji is the main villain in Usagi Yojimbo comic series. He is Miyamoto Usagi's archenemy.

Hikiji is the lord of the Mutsu Province. He was responsible for many tragedies in Miyamoto's life including the murder of his father for defying him. When Miyamoto became a bodyguard of Mijune, Mijune was assassinated thanks to Toda Buichi.

TMNT 2012 Series



While explaining his backstory to the Ninja Turtles, Miyamoto Usagi states that he was a soldier of Mijune while he was fighting a war against Lord Hikiji and how Toda Buichi betrayed and killed Mijune for him.


  • Lord Hikiji is the only character in the Usagi Yojimbo franchise to be an ordinary human instead of an anthropomorphic animal
  • Despite being the main villain of the series, Lord Hikiji rarely appears in person and is mostly just mentioned by other characters.
    • Because of this, Jei is considered to be Miyamoto Usagi's true arch-nemesis, as he has appeared in over 47 issues.