Lord Hawk was a supervillain and enemy of the Marvel hero Captain Britain.

Professor Scott was once a professor at Thames University. He felt that England had lost its way, and that if it did not return to its chivalrous past, it was doomed. His students thought he was an eccentric, and mocked him. Eventually he grew tired of their derision and retired, devoting the rest of his time to his lifelong hobby, the ancient sport of hunting with hawks. This however was denied to him, as his hawks died apparently as a result of pollution in the environment.Professor Scott had been an old friend of the Braddocks, and so Brian Braddock built him a giant robot hawk.

Scott first saw the hawk as a poor replacement for his flesh and blood hawks, until he realized its power and potential. He hired a former munitions worker to outfit the bird with an arsenal of weaponry. After the munitions worker was done, Scott shot and killed him.

He now saw himself as Lord Hawk, and his robot hawk as the means to take revenge on a society that had destroyed his beloved pets.