Lord Grudgemunger (simply known as Grudgemunger) is the main antagonist of the episode "Rock of Sages", the Season 1 finale of "The 7D". He is a dark wizard who tries to take over Jollywood.

He was voiced by the famous voice actor, Corey Burton.


He is a dark wizard in a black robe. He has green skin and a yellow crown with moons and stars on it. His hair is dark blue.



Lord Grudgemunger with the Rock of Sages

Grudgemunger holding the Rock of Sages.

Grudgemunger was intentionally very despicable in playing dirty tricks with the Seven Sages. Later on, Grudgemunger was eventually tricked by the dwarfs to prevent catastrophe from happening and to get the Rock of Sages back (for example, one of them tells that the Loch Ness Monster is there but Dopey grabbed the Rock of Sages and was defeated at first).


7D Narrator

Lord Grudgemunger's alternative form, the narrator.

The narrator is encountered near the end of the episode in Mount Jollywood. The dwarfs began asking the narrator about a happy ending. It is revealed that the narrator is actually Lord Grudgemunger near the end of the episode. The narrator removes his disguise, turning into the main antagonist of the episode. Grudgemunger summoned a volcano monster to get rid of the 7D. Since then, the 7D had changed his story about the Rock of Sages being separated into pieces and melting into colors. The 7D began asking him to put on his glasses to read every page on his book, but Grudgemunger refused to at first. Before the episode ends, Grudgemunger fell off the cliff. It is unknown whether or not he survived the cliff after falling off.



  • Lord Grudgemunger is the first villain to appear in a season finale of The 7D.
  • In the Season 2 episode "The Enchanted Forest Ranger", Lord Grudgemunger made a brief appearance in an evil group planning to get rid of the 7D, which consists of Snazzy Shazzam, Finders Keepers, the Ogre, Water Witch, Snow Witch, the Big Bad Wolf, and Gingerbread Witch when ranger Dirk Dumphrey's (the main antagonist of the episode) true actions are revealed at the end of the episode.

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