Lord Galcian is the leader of Valuan Imperial Armada and the main antagonist of Skies of Arcadia, who wanted to rule the world with iron fist, ready to destroy whole cities to achieve his goal.


During Valua-Nasr War Galcian was an ambitious officer who rose to the rank of the First Admiral of Armada. Though he had no respect for his superior Lord Mendosa, he was intrested in his protege Ramirez, warning him not to give trust as easily as he did. Galcian then promoted to the lord after the death of Mendosa, about ten years before the actions of "Skies of Arcadia". At this rate, he convinced Empress Teodora to use ancient Gigas to conquer the world.

Lord Galcian was planing to rule Arcadia himself, manipulating over-aggressive and mentally unstable Empress Teodora I. His ultimate goal was to revive the ancient continent Soltis of the Silver Civilization and use their Gigas - Zelos to unleash legendary Rains of Destruction which destroyed whole Old World on Valua to make them an example of his power.

He appeared several times chating with the Admirals, Empress and also promoting his right-hand Ramirez to the Admiral. Galcian also tried to kill Vyse several times like when he was rescuing Fina from Valua or escaping Dangral Island, but while the first time they were rescued by captain Drachma, the second time it was Admiral Gregorio who protected them at cost of his life, being killed by Galcian, who ordered to sent his body to Valua with care, showing respect for him.

When admiral Belleza questioned his methods, Galcian sent her to Valua with a diplomatic mission, truly sending her to death, as later he got Soltis revived and unleashed the Rains of Destructions upon Valua, destroying the whole empire. It is only seen that prince Enrique and Belleza survived as Belleza was ordered to imprison prince Enrique to the Grand Fortress by admiral Alfonso and empress Teodora and could maneuver the Rains.

Galcian's fleet then set for other countries to annouce his rule, only to be battled against Air Pirates Fleet. After Galcian's air fortress Hydra was damaged, Galcian battled Vyse himself, only to be defeated and retreat, though Vyse thought he was too arrogant to escape. However, survived Belleza lend her Lynx in battle and commited suicide by striking Galcian's shuttle, killing both of them to pay for Valua people death.

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