Lord Fredrik, also known as the Snowmad King, is a Waldough who is the the leader of the Snowmads and the main villain and final boss of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


Fredrik is a large and obese gray Waldough with black mustache, glow blue eyes, and a black nose.

He wears a dark blue viking helmet with a glowing blue diamond on it, white fur cape, white fur skirt over a black brief, dark blue wristbands with glowing blue gems and black belt with the Snowmad symbol on the buckle and glowing blue gems.


Fredrik conquered islands and manipulated its inhabitants to expand his tribe, but he needed to find a place to be the Snowmad's capital. He and the Snowmads find Donkey Kong Island, so he uses his horn to freeze the entire island and claims it as his territory.

When Donkey Kong and his friends fight their way through the Snowmads and raid the Snowmad's base, Fredrik is confronted by them and prepares to battle. He attacks by blowing his horn to shoot out ice balls (with Tucks and Fluffs) and ice dragons, charges with his helmet horns and uses his weight to slam against the ice arena. He is defeated when he is hit enough times with his minions that the Kongs throw at him.

Expelled, Fredrik is launched off of Donkey Kong Island, and smashes into his own ship, destroying it and his Snowmad armada retreats.